Lionel Messi Caught In Stripper Scandal…Says Argentine Tabloid *UPDATE* PHOTOSHOPPED

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

First the tax evasion thing, then the disaster of his U.S. tour and leaving fans in the lurch, and now this. Lionel Messi caught in a scandal involving a trip to Vegas and a blond stripper. According to Argentine tabloid Pronto, at least. Whether or not Messi’s relationship is in danger because of his side trip to Sin City and this photo of him looking really awkward with a stripper is not clear. What is clear is that people are ready to take Leo down a peg. Sure, most of it is of his own making, but still. Can’t we have heroes anymore?

From our perspective, this is much ado about nothing…unless Leo’s partner really is angry. In which case his bodyguards should probably done a better job of making sure there was no photography of the stripper incident. Or Leo could just have sat back and watched. Gotta know the rules.

Source: Pronto via Futbolita


Turns out it was all a hoax, and the images were photoshopped. Credit to 101GreatGoals for the find.

For shame, Pronto. Using an image of Messi holding his son in a photoshop job that puts his face in a stripper’s cleavage? Really sucky.

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