Lionel Messi Is Just So Darn Huggable, This Pitch Invader Couldn’t Help Himself

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Lionel Messi got a hug on Sunday. On the field. This is not the first time this has happened. Despite his status as the best player in the world, there’s just something eminently huggable about Leo. He’s like a teddy bear, come to life. A teddy bear that has scored 90 goals in 2012. One couldn’t imagine a pitch invader running up to say, Cristiano Ronaldo, and giving him a hug. It might be sticky, for one thing.

Not that Ronaldo would be the least huggable world football superstar. That’s probably Zlatan. Every tried to hug a half-tiger, half-dragon?

Here’s the previous incident of Messi-hugging that happened at the Camp Nou during the Supercopa against Real Madrid.

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