Lionel Messi Is Paying The Bills For A Moroccan Boy With Growth Hormone Deficiency

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Part of the reason Lionel Messi went to Barcelona when he did—at the age of 12, when he might have preferred to stay in Argentina for at least a few more years—was because the Catalan club offered to pay for the treatments Messi needed to combat a growth hormone deficiency. Now Messi is paying it forward by footing the bill for the treatments of a 12-year old Moroccan boy with the same affliction.

After receiving word of young Moroccan Waleed Kashahs’s condition and a t-shirt with the boy’s picture on hit, Messi decided to make a pledge.

Messi will cover the cost of Waleed’s GHD treatment until the Moroccan boy is 18, at £167 ($270) every 15 days. The total tab could run as high as $50,000.


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