Liverpool Apologize To Fulham For Being Jerks During That Whole Clint Dempsey Thing

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Over the summer, before he landed at Tottenham in the eleventh hour, everybody thought Clint Dempsey would end up at Liverpool. It was a no-brainer really; Liverpool needed the attacking help, the club had American owners looking to increase the club’s marketing reach in the U.S., and Clint himself wanted a move to a bigger club from Fulham. But then stuff happened. Like Liverpool’s tapping up and subsequent ridiculous low ball offer. Fulham filed a complaint as a result, and just today, Liverpool officially apologized.

Liverpool chairman Tom Werner met with Fulham owner Mohammed Al Fayed in person to apologize for Liverpool’s conduct, which prompted Fulham to drop the complaint.

One can only imagine Al Fayed made Werner beg a little.

A statement on the Fulham website explained matters.

“Fulham can confirm that it has today withdrawn the complaint made against Liverpool FC in regard to the Merseyside club’s inappropriate actions surrounding interest in Clint Dempsey over the summer.

“Liverpool’s chairman Tom Werner apologised personally to Mohamed Al Fayed, stating that his club were wholly responsible for unprofessional behaviour toward Fulham and emphasised his regret for the entire episode.

“In a letter from Liverpool to Fulham’s CEO Alistair Mackintosh, Tom Werner’s praise of the magnanimous gesture from the chairman was reiterated, as was the club’s assurance that the conduct of Liverpool was simply not acceptable.

“The chairman decided that this sincere action was enough, and as a gesture of goodwill, instructed that all complaints against them be dropped.”

Perhaps this is some solace to Fulham, who no doubt believe that Liverpool’s meddling (and then failure to follow through with a legitimate bid) ruined the club’s relationship with their American star. Faced with a player who refused to suit up for them anymore, Fulham took the only action possible and sold him on to the late arriving Spurs. Let’s not even consider what might have happened had Spurs landed their initial targets and not swooped in to save Dempsey.

In the immediate aftermath of the transfer window closing, it leaked that perhaps new Reds manager Brendan Rodgers had miscalculated his transfer kitty. Liverpool’s bosses were still a bit gun shy about spending after the Andy Carroll debacle.

As for Al Fayed and Fulham dropping their complaint, it’s possible the Premier League board could still consider the matter despite the resolution. For Fulham’s part, however, it seems as though they’re letting Liverpool off lightly. This seems like the sort of dispute that should be settled with one of those hilarious embarrassing punishments, like having to wear a sandwich board in Piccadilly Circus that says “We Love the Whites” or something.

Wait. No. Strike that. Bad idea.

Instead, how about Werner be made to clean the pigeon droppings off of the Michael Jackson statue with a toothbrush? Or perhaps the Liverpool backroom staff could spend an afternoon removing stains from Fulham’s white kits, after a particularly muddy game? Or Rodgers could personally apologize to every Fulham employee, from players on down, with a handwritten note inside plain white envelopes.

Wouldn’t that make for a riveting episode of Being: Liverpool.

Source: The Telegraph

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