Liverpool Trip Over Themselves Again, Include Racist Gesture In Website Highlights

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Liverpool, the club that can’t seem to avoid having an incident of racism connected to them for more than five minutes at a time, have done it again. Stop hitting yourself, Liverpool. Stop including footage of racist fans at Anfield in your website highlight packages.

After a fan made a racist gesture in the stands during Liverpool’s FA Cup match with Manchester United, television viewers began to post images of the man on Twitter. He was subsequently arrested (and is now out on bail), dragging the club back down into the morass of racial abuse that have come to mark the club in recent months. That, by itself, would be enough to drive Liverpool’s many non-racist fans batty.

And then the club included footage of the racist fan in the highlight package that appeared on the club website. And not just for a few hours. For 48 of them.

The club issued an apology.

“”We can confirm that footage was mistakenly included in the highlights package that appeared on the website.

“It should not have been included and we are sorry it happened.”

The spokesman added: “It was removed immediately when it was brought to our attention.”

Meaning that Liverpool officials themselves did not review the highlight package before it was posted to the OFFICIAL CLUB WEBSITE.

Facepalm. Facepalmfacepalmfacepalm.

Source: BBC Sport

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