Look Lively: Pickles Issue 6 Is Here For Your Gratification

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

We’ve told you about Pickles before. If you’ve forgotten, here’s a refresher: Pickles is a sweet little football mag featuring quality writing, eye-catching art, and a little bit of fashion. It’s part of the Golden Age of Football Magazines that also includes the likes of Howler, XI Quarterly, and The Blizzard. It’s awesome, and it’s available for free in a digital format. So you can either check out the images we grabbed (below) if you’re not sold on the FREE THING THAT IS AWESOME, or you can go read it now. Up to you. Also available in paper edition for a nominal cost.

The theme of Issue 6 is money and its effect on the game. If you’re an old school type who enjoys holding dead plant matter smashed and formed into thin sheets stamped with carefully chosen patterns of ink in your hands, you can order a hard copy of Pickles here.

For UK peoples, it will set you back £4.00. For you European types, it’s £5.00. The rest of us chumps can get the issue for £7.00. Still a steal.

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