Luis Suarez’s Mother Is Really Not Helping

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The “Luis Suarez is a dirty racist/victim of cultural mis-translation” saga has been raging for weeks now, but finally seemed to be dying down. So what could re-ignite the argument? A borderline racist comment from Suarez? Sure, but he’d never be that stupid. His mother, however…

Speaking to Uruguayan newspaper El Observador, Mama Suarez defended her boy, starting off  by championing his character:

I know my son. I know he has to calm down a bit with things like the salute he made to rival fans. But he’s no racist.

One thing is his conduct on the pitch and another is that they accuse him of being a racist. Nothing could be further from the truth.

She then goes on to say she fears him being targeted by black players. Seriously.

I’m worried now when I see him on the pitch. I know he’s going to have to look after himself.

I’m afraid now when he comes up against a black person, especially because they’re going to go looking for him.

She then finishes up with the hit single of the “not a racist” EP, the trusty “he can’t be racist, he has black friends” defense.

Luis was best friends with Pablo [Caballero] when they played for Nacional,” she said.

He was round our house all the time and we always used to call him ‘Negro’. It’s not an insult here.

That wailing and gnashing of teeth sound you now hear would be the Liverpool PR staff.

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