Lyon’s New 3rd Jersey Is 3D For Some Reason

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

When you think of all the culture the nation of France has to draw on, cinema pops up near the top of the list. From pioneers like Auguste and Louis Lumière to great actors like Jean Reno and Eric Cantona, cinema has been a cornerstone of French identity for more than a century. Which apparently is why the new Lyon shirt is in 3D. 3D!

Sure it’s a cool gimmick, but how does the 3D work on a large scale? Will spectators at home have to wear glasses to get the full effect of the kit? Will it look odd to spectators in the stands? Will players be forced to wear 3D glasses on the pitch, leading to hilarious slapstick incidents (“It’s so real, the ball looks like it’s coming straight at my – WHAM”)?

And will the new shirts cost 50% more than non-3D versions?

Lyon defender Anthony Reveillere made the same connection most of us did upon seeing the shirt, saying:

“I enjoyed Avatar in 3D, which was very nice with great effects.”

Lyon will hope their box office can pull in half as much as Avatar’s did.

(Also, I really want one of these)

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