Major League Soccer Joins With Top Euro Leagues For Something Called the ‘World League Association’

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

In a bid to increase their clout in world football, Major League Soccer has joined up for four other groups from around the globe to form something called the “World League Association.” The organization’s mandate is to, among other things, “be the voice of the leagues in the world on all matters of common interest.” Their cohorts in this endeavor are the top leagues in South Africa, Thailand, the UAE and the EPFL (European Professional Football Leagues).

The first shots have been fired. Watch out FIFA, the WLA is coming for you. The WLA will do other things, too, like:

  • Promote and develop Professional Football in all its dimensions on and off the pitch;
  • Foster cooperation and unity among the leagues, while promoting and safeguarding their common interests and aspirations;
  • Foster dialogue, cooperation, friendly relations and unity between the leagues;
  • Promote professional football and safeguard the overall interests of the leagues;
  • Facilitate the collection and exchange information and best practices between the leagues;
  • Foster friendly relations and cooperation between the Association and other sports bodies (FIFA, IOC, Confederations, FIFPro, etc.) and relevant sport-related political institutions;
  • Preserve the principles and positive values of football and to protect the integrity of the game at all times
  • Organise exhibitions, conferences, training courses and other collective events relating to the promotion of professional football and the commercial development of the Leagues

Trade groups like this are nothing new. Those involved certainly have many common interests, and sharing information makes sense. But this clearly isn’t your normal everyday trade association. This is the beginning of a war.

As for Major League Soccer’s participation, well, that’s the next signal to the faithful that the American footy revolution (the real one, the one where Obama makes all of our kids play soccer, go to free doctors, and learn to read) is nigh. Now that MLS is part of the New World Order of club football, the United States will soon be overrun by the one true game.

Get those survival packs ready, boys and girls. Refer to your coded copies of “Fever Pitch” for further instructions.



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