Manchester United Go Bowling With Soccer Balls To Make You Gamble

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

If there’s one thing Britons love almost as much as soccer, it’s betting on soccer (and everything else). And bookmakers love getting the attention of football fans. Four Premiership sides (Bolton, Wigan, West Ham, Wolves) walk out every weekend advertising online betting sites on the fronts of their shirts.

But without a shirt front to separate them from the pack, what are Manchester United betting partner Betfair to do? If you said “Take three players and some fan and have them kick footballs at bowling pins,” you’re right. That’s exactly what they did.

Despite having the longest odds of any of the United players in the commercial, fullback Patrice Evra was able to pull out the win. Proving that you should always bet the house on the dark horse, kids!

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