Manchester United Player Caught On CCTV And Arrested Having Sex In An Alleyway

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Young footballers are a dangerous cocktail of opportunity and indulgence. From a young age, they’re told they are special and talented, given too much money and too much attention, many of them before they’re mature enough to deal with the consequences of their actions. Like 18-year-old Manchester United defender Luke McCullough, who was arrested for having sex in public.

The former Northern Ireland U-17 captain was engaging in a consensual act of physical intimacy with a 19-year-old girl at 5 am in a public square in the middle of Liverpool, as you do, when they were caught on CCTV. Police officers asked them to move along, but when they started back up again in a doorway a short time later, the cops arrested the pair.

A police source told The Mirror:

The pair of them were spotted on CCTV in a virtual state of undress but it was only when they move to a doorway we had to send a patrol out.

They were all over each other and they just couldn’t help themselves. Officers told them to move on and they agreed but they didn’t get very far before they were at it again.

We had no choice to arrest them because all and sundry would have seen what they were up to. Why they didn’t just get a room is beyond us.

Still, it’s a less deviant sex life than Ryan Giggs sleeping with his brother’s wife, right?

Full Story: Daily Mirror

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