Manchester United, Spain and Maradona Hublot Watches Are Yours For A Mere $15,000

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Swiss watch company Hublot has become a huge proponent of sport including numerous collaborations with F1, tennis and of course soccer. 2010 was a big year for the watchmaker, slanging big-faced watches to rather presumably out-of-their-mind wealthy soccer fans for $10,000-15,000 a pop.

Dating back within the last five years or so, Hublot started with creating special exclusive watches for some of the soccer world’s most visible names. Since then, we’ve seen commercial and unreleased pieces for Manchester United (several iterations), Flamengo, Diego Maradona, Spain’s 2010 World Cup Winning Team and the Mexican Football Federation (two versions).

Design-wise, you’re not given a lot of real estate to work with when it comes to a watch face yet Hublot does manage to pack a great amount of detail into each piece through materials and colorways. With that in mind though, I don’t think that it takes a marketing genius to come to the conclusion that those willing to drop a tens of thousands of dollars on a watch are obviously maniacal fans and the designs often reflect that.

I never expected anything too subtle or clean as high contrast is often the name of the game given the demographic. I personally couldn’t pull off a rose gold watch and there’s little relevance with United’s kit but that surely didn’t stop from its integration in the Red Devils’ 2009 Big Bang II with red and yellow markers. Flamengo’s 2011 release however fared much better since black is already part of their kit and the garish-level is low to nil with red and black. But beyond the colors this with a casing that’s anywhere from 44mm (1.7 inches) to 48mm (1.9 inches), you’ll have trouble tucking that watch under your cuff when walking through a seedy alley.

While I’m sure the watching’s price makes it largely unaffordable to the average fan, pricing is certaintly on the rise and watching live football isn’t something that everybody can partake in. Maybe a “Your Club” x Hublot on the wrist of every fan won’t be that far fetched in the near future.

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