Mario Balotelli Didn’t Notice He Was Hanging Out With The Mafia

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Sometimes it seems like all professional footballers want to live the Scarface lifestyle; gorgeous women, fast cars, big houses, lots of money. Most, however, have the sense stop before actually taking the steps to associate themselves with mobsters.

Mario Balotelli is not most footballers.

An Italian police report is now alleging that last June, Balotelli, a fan of the film Gomorra, a documentary about Neapolitan organized crime, was given a tour of sites mentioned in the film. And that his his tour guides were members of powerful organized crime families.

Upon hearing the news, the 20 year old was “Astonished and disappointed.”

Let’s revisit that statement for a moment.

The man who wore this hat…

…was “astonished” by something.

It’s not all bad news for Super Mario, however. Balotelli can take heart in the fact that he isn’t isn’t the first footballer to fall in with The Camorra.

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