Mario Balotelli Gets Take Out, Could Be Fined £150,000

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Mario Balotelli is a regular human being, and he gets hungry just like everyone else. It’s a Saturday night, so he and a friend went out and got a curry. Except according to club rules, he’s not allowed to be out that late 48 hours before a match and might be fined a week’s wages. Which are £150k.

While he will be given a chance to explain himself to Manchester City officials, it’s not as though Mario has a clean record when it comes to discipline. City may decide that this is the straw that broke the camel’s back and throw the book at him.

Although given what happened the last time Balotelli had a late night two days before a big game, this might just be part of a tactical masterstroke by Roberto Mancini.

(We would like to note the inherent awesomeness of this line, however: “He is even reported to have staged a mock sword fight with a friend – using a rolling pin.”)

Full Story: The Mirror


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