Mario Balotelli Got In A Fight On The Training Ground, But It’s Okay, Because It Happens Like All The Time

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Most Interesting Man In The World candidate Mario Balotelli caused a stir among some of the news sites yesterday when he got into a training ground bust-up with teammate Micah Richards. But Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini says this isn’t a problem because Mario gets into fights with teammates all the time.

According to Mancini, Mario has been involved in at least four training ground bust-ups, and that just comes with the territory.

I ask him “why always you?” He said it was because he didn’t pass the ball to him. It was a really stupid thing. It was nothing. After 10 minutes it was finished.

I was always involved in problems on the training ground, with Trevor Francis and Liam Brady (at Sampdoria). It happens.

When you play a match eight versus eight and you are passionate, it can happen with every team. Not every week, but often.

Mario and Micah were boxing, but they are like twins. They are very good friends.

This has happened with Mario four times now. He is the king for this. But it has happened with other players.

However, Mario should pay attention, not just about this, but in every situation.

We are near Christmas, at the end of the year it is very dangerous time for fireworks. It is better he stays in the hotel.

This just in: Roberto Mancini is probably the cool dad.

And for what it’s worth, Micah Richards says the two are totally cool with each other right now.

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