Mario Balotelli Promises To Walk Off The Pitch If Racially Abused At The Euros

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

When we usually write about Mario Balotelli, it’s because he’s done something a bit “wacky” or even “crazy.” Like setting his house on fire, or crashing someone else’s press conference, or hanging out with Noel Gallagher. This story is none of those things. Mario’s taking a stand. Against racism.

The UK foreign office has already repeatedly warned black and Asian England fans that they can expect to be racially abused if they travel to Poland and Ukraine this summer. Balotelli, who suffered abuse regularly when he played in his native Italy, has decided that he will no longer put up with it, and if he has to, will walk off the field at this summer’s European Championships.

I hope that there will not be a problem because I really can’t handle that. I cannot bear racism, it’s unacceptable for me. If it happened again I would straight away leave the pitch and go home. We are in 2012. It can’t happen.

We’re completely with Mario on this one. Trying to ignore racism doesn’t work anymore. Every player, no matter his skin color, should walk off the pitch if he witnesses this kind of abuse.

Although perhaps he should stop short of following through on his threat for if someone throws a banana at him again. An incident like that happened to Mario in Rome, and he said if there was a recurrence, he “will go to prison because I will kill him.”

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