Mario Balotelli Was Locked In A Room With Joe Hart For An Hour, Delayed Italy’s Flight

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Random drug testing has long been a part of major football tournaments; it’s what got Diego Maradona nailed in ’94 for ephedrine. But most of the time, it’s not nearly as dramatic as all that. Like how Mario Balotelli had to hang around with Joe Hart for an hour while working up the fluids to take a piss.

The two Manchester City teammates were the randomly selected test subjects following the England-Italy game on Sunday, so they were escorted by UEFA officials away from their respective sides, and presumably filled with fluids to replace those lost in the 120 minutes of playing time.

The upshot of all this, besides what had to be a slightly uncomfortable interaction between two club teammates who had just come out on opposite sides of footballing history? The delay forced the Italian team to delay its departure for Mario, meaning the players didn’t get back to their hotel until 4 AM.

And then newspapers were racist to him. Does anyone else feel really bad for Mario recently?

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