Mario Balotelli Went To A Bar On Christmas, Bought Everyone Drinks

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

While rumors of him handing out money in a Santa suit may be pure invention, everyone’s favorite Italian Manchester City Striker ever (sorry, Rolando Bianchi) does indeed have something of a generous spirit about him.

Patrons of the Tudor Pub in the Manchester suburb of Peel Hall were pleasantly surprised when Mario Balotelli stopped by, and even more so when he plunked down a cool £1,000 to pay for everyone’s drinks. Because he’s Mario Balotelli, and if he wants to get some Mancunians properly hammered, he’ll get some Mancunians properly hammered.

He then went to church on Christmas, which is somehow also newsworthy, and someone was tacky enough to report that he dropped £200 into the plate.

Full Story: The Daily Mail

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