Meet DeAndre Yedlin And His Amazing Neymar-Like Hairstyle

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

DeAndre Yedlin, a right back out of the Seattle Sounders Academy, is a rising sophomore at the University of Akron. DeAndre Yeldin has one amazing hairstyle, one that we dare say rivals Neymar’s as a candidate for rooster-do champion of the world. Seriously, look at the height he gets. It’s staggering.

Not that long ago, Yedlin had a normal haircut. Boring. Conservative, even. Now, his hair might be enough to cause riots in certain small Midwestern towns.

The one thing Neymar has over Yedlin is coloring; the Brazilian star just doesn’t go for height, he throws in some eye-catching tinting as well. If DeAndre wants to play with the big boys, we suggest a few highlights. Blondish red or something.

h/t @christhomasfc and @travismclark

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