Messi and Ronaldo Meet Maradona, Paper Doll Style

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

This vignette is the work of Spain-based artist Ralf Wandschneider. It’s the little details that matter, like Ronaldo’s abs, and Diego’s belly.

“I am number one!”

“I am handsome, rich, and a footballer.”

“Get outta here, bastard! I am the number one!”

“I am the best Argentine player.”

“Pair of bastards!”

“Stop saying crap!”

“And who is this?”

“Assholes, I am GOD!”

Cosmic kite, El Fluff, the 10!

What I think is an idiom and something about idiots.

Apologies for the terrible/incorrect translations.

See more of Ralf’s work at his website.


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