Michael Buble Wants His Son To Be A Soccer Player Like David Beckham

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Get ready, Canada. One of your national treasures is hoping his unborn son becomes the Canadian Beckham when he grows up. Singer Michael Buble, best known for…well, being Michael Buble…thinks his kid has a shot at it. Because he’s got a good kick. In his mother’s belly. Star in the making.

The Canadian singer is expecting his first child with wife Luisana Lopilato and would love the boy to grow up to be a sports star. Michael revealed that the baby is already showing signs of athletic prowess, as it has been kicking energetically.

“I used to play soccer when I was younger so I’d be thrilled if he grew up to be a soccer player. And who’s better than Becks?” Michael told British newspaper The Sun. “It’s my wife’s dream as well. She called yesterday to say she felt the baby kick for the first time.”

So now we know Michael Buble played soccer as a kid. And that when asked by a British tabloid if he would like his unborn son to grow up to be a soccer player in the mold of David Beckham, he says yes. Which means we don’t know much, now that I think about it.

I have no idea about Buble’s athletic genes, but his wife is Argentine, so the kid will have a fighting chance. Unfortunately, this probably means that when the kid becomes a star and has to choose a country to represent, Canada will have to face off against Argentina, and, well….

You know how that story ends.

Source: tv3.ie

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