MiniBoro Is Obsessive Fandom With Style, Passion, And Really Cool Art

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

There are a few things we can all get behind here at KCKRS. Animals playing soccer. Footballers outside their comfort zoneAnd People who really really love the little things in football. Well, we’ve got quite a classic for that final category. started out as an archive of the first 100 issues of Middlesbrough FC fanzine Fly Me To The Moon. That in and of itself would have been interesting enough for us to do a post, but what really caught the eye were the original artworks, paying tribute to Boro legends mostly forgotten by all but Boro fans, and to the global greats of the game. And they’re really good.

Here are some of our favorites:

To see plenty more, and to check out the fanzine archive, visit It’s worth your time.

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