Mitre, Once A Household Name, Now Clawing For Attention

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Growing up, Mitre was a pretty ubiquitous brand. Definitely not on a level of cool like its German sportswear brethren at PUMA or adidas, but for a growing boy, my parents were much quicker to pick up a pair of cheap Mitres before anything else. Oh yeah, and who can forget Mitre’s sponsorship of the Premiership before it turned into the Premier League? One of the best feels was a nicely struck EPL matchball, produced by Mitre. But since then, I’ve seen few if any Mitres floating around–albeit a quick search shows the Scottish Premier League are proud users of the ball.

It appears as though the brand has been picked up by a Japanese licensee, resulting in a new range of lifestyle footwear. Mitre’s history dating back to the late 1800′s bodes well for the history-loving Japanese, but aesthetically, a two-foot to the ankle would be something I’d rather receive before these logo-driven joints. What’s that dragon thing on the heel? Oh yeh that’s a lion representative of England.

Source: WARP

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