MLS Cup Is Sold Out*, Caps Banner Year For MLS

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

So with more than a week left to go until MLS Cup in Los Angeles, tickets are sold out (kinda. More on that later) and the hype machine is gearing up. But no matter who wins, it’s been a pretty darn good year for Major League Soccer.

MLS set a new average and total attendance record this season, inked lucrative new TV deals, and added two wildly popular new franchises. And this year’s MLS Cup final, played in sunny LA with the star-studded Galaxy in the Final, is likely to be a far more viewed spectacle than last year’s demonstration-undermined freeze-out between Colorado and Dallas.

The league also revealed a number of interesting tidbits in a conference call with the media yesterday. Now, because we’re too lazy to take proper notes, we’ll crib a few facts off of the venerable and impressively bearded du Nord.

1500 fans from Houston got tickets to the Cup Final through the team. That is the largest amount ever sold.

Tickets for the Cup Final are a very hot item. They are trying to jam in as many extra seats as possible.

Last year at this time the league had 13 Designated Players. This year its up to 23.

87 league games were sellouts this season.

During the call, it was revealed that LA is looking for a way to boost the capacity of the Home Depot Center and sell additional tickets.MLS head of communications Dan Courtemanche asked members of the media not to tweet that, as it might cause a flood of calls into the ticket office. We’ll give you two guesses what the media did.

The rush (relatively speaking) for tickets has spawned the ridiculous, like this eBay listing for eight general admission tickets to sit on the grass berm at the Home Depot Center. Total list price? $8,791.20, or $1098.90 a ticket. Someone wants to get more than a thousand dollars a ticket for “seats” that require a beach blanket and will still leave you with grass stains on your blue jeans. Right.

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