MLS Presents Tees To Help You Express Your Appreciation For David Beckham

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Written By Carl Mansson
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David Beckham is leaving. This news has set off mass expressions of mourning in a few quarters, jubilant celebration in others. For those mourning Davey Becks’s imminent departure for the shores of Oz or whatever, MLS presents two shirts—one for men (not exclusively, of course) and one for women (maybe exclusively, but you never know)—to let you display just how thankful you are the world’s greatest-looking footballer chose to grace America with five and a half years of his time. Ready? Yeah you are.

The men’s version features the outline of David’s famous pirate facial hair configuration. Arr, Davey.

And the women’s shirt features…an odd sexual innuendo. Okay.

Because lady fans couldn’t possibly want to show appreciation for Becks in any way that doesn’t involve his looks. Ahem.

The men’s version is $19.99 $23.99, and the women’s $23.99 $25.99. Get them here if you’re so inclined.

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