MLS Shames Brazil First Division At Soccer… Attendance.

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

You’ve been taught your whole life that Americans are the worst at all soccer related activities and Brazilians are the best, or something like that, right? WRONG. MAYBE.

The very dubious MLS Rumors has posted a very long audio clip of the BBC 5-Live’s World Football Phone In where you can hear South American football expert Tim Vickery talk about how the average attendance in MLS is greater than that of the Brazilian first division, or Campeonato Brasileiro Série A to the cool kids. No lies.

Skip through to the 6 minute mark for the good stuff. According to Vickery, last season the Brazilian first division averaged “just below 15,000″ a game and MLS averaged about “17,000″ a game. Keep in mind this is before the addition of expansion sides Vancouver (approximately 20,000 capacity) and Portland (approximately 19,000 capacity) who pretty much have a guaranteed sell-out every time they play at home this year. This is just another sign that soccer in America continues to grow and hints at its potential to eclipse even the sports’ most storied nations. Some day.

MLS Rumors also includes a fun chart.

But if you’re from Brazil you definitely shouldn’t get your panties in a bunch. Maybe if we killed the game off in that Confederations Cup final in ’09. But since we (the USA) didn’t, I think you’re safe.

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