MLS Teams Do FIFA 13 Promos

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Four MLS have produced promos, called “Soccer 101″ on the back of the FIFA 13 release. Clever stuff, for the most part, and naturally we have a few comments and concerns, which we’ll share after the videos.


1. Aurelien Collin as the maitre d’/fourth official is genius. Someone open a KC restaurant where Aurelien can moonlight, because I totally want to go.

2. Shea Salinas did well for himself. Good job, Shea.

3. If this soccer thing doesn’t work out, Chris Wondolowski has a future running a new age shop and teaching yoga classes. Maybe other stuff. It is Cali.

4. The Timbers effort was a little weak, needs more chainsaw. Or less. Either one.

5. Sean Johnson can’t even afford bad mistakes in an office setting…nope, still not over the Olympic thing.

6. MLS is no different than any other league, in any other sport, when it comes to its high skeev factor. Not all of that was acting.

This is how we rank them:

1. Sporting KC
2. San Jose
3. Chicago
4. Portland

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