Molineux Stadium Could Have Looked Like This

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Most modern stadia are pretty generic: a couple of tiers of seating that bank steeply around the entire circumference of the pitch, maybe some fancy lighting on the outside. The range of modern designs always seems to sit somewhere between Pride Park and the Allianz Arena. How refreshing it is to see this mock-up of Molineux Stadium, put together in 1958.

Wolves’ home didn’t end up looking anything like the ambitious proposals (their highly modern renovation in the late ’80s/early ’90s was also widely admired but financially crippling for the club) but it’s great to see such design ambition from a team who were also one of the first to instal floodlights.

Credit is due to Stadium Porn for digging these photos out, and also for finding the fantatsic shot below of Molineux’s South Bank, taken at a time when all-seater stadiums and not wearing your best flat cap to the match were equally unheard of:

FYI: Want to know how a stadium in such an unglamorous area was given such a glamorous-sounding name? It was named for Benjamin Molineux, a local merchant who purchased the land back in the 18th century. The more you know…



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