Montreal Impact Unveil MLS Logo With Snazzy Video

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Although the MLS season is currently in full swing, guess which group of fans is already looking forward to the 2012 season… No, not the Whitecaps. And not the Fire. No, not Toronto either. Okay, quit guessing. It’s Montreal.

The Montreal Impact (or Impact de Montreal if prefer your Quebecois clubs en francais) will begin next season as Major League Soccer’s 20th 19th club. And they really put a lot of thought into their crest. It’s a blue shield with some stars and some lines and this thing from the old crest and the team name and some foreign words on the edge.

For the record, those foreign words are the club’s new motto, which roughly translates to “Everyone for victory.”

The new logo is totally original, then (Ed: Some of us like it, and a French motto is less pretentious than a Latin one. Ahem). Production values are pretty impressive, though.

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