Morrissey Went To See Robbie Keane Play In LA, Might Be Related To Him

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

This is a photo of maudlin music icon Morrissey and LA Galaxy striker Robbie Keane. The former Smiths frontman is looking downright cheery as he poses with Robbie in the LA locker room after the Galaxy’s 6-2 preseason romp over the Tijuana reserves last night. Morrissey was so inspired by the performance of his….relative?…that he penned a lovely little ode to man. Maybe. Let’s just pretend, even if we can’t be sure.

From, a Morrissey Zine (!):

It was a joyous head-storm to attend LA Galaxy -v- Club Tijuana last night and to see captain Robbie Keane score in the fourth minute. Why, exactly?
Well, family tree aficionados will be aware that Robbie and I share the same Irish blood; his late grandfather (Thomas Nolan) being my own father’s cousin. In filial terms the Irish blood, English heart genetic between Robbie and I is evident – his chin is my chin, my chin is his. Robbie was raised on Captains Road (as was my mother) in Crumlin (Dublin), before he was shipped out to Tallaght. He is a gentleman of the highest caliber (or, if you must, calibre), and to watch him on the pitch – pacing like a lion, as weightless as an astronaut, is pure therapy. Robbie, the pleasure, the privilege is mine.

20 February 2013
Los Angeles

Morrissey and Robbie Keane have the same chin you guys. Mind-blowing.

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