Mourinho Says He Wants to Coach In America, So Let’s Just Pretend He’s Coming

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Real Madrid is on the New York leg of their American tour to face A.C. Milan at Yankee Stadium, where Jose Mourinho is shopping at the adidas store and handing out quippy quotes to American soccer reporters. One of those quippy quotes involved Jose’s possible future in the U.S., a place the Portuguese manager says he would like to coach one day.

“The competition is good, well organized. Players are coming [from Europe], of course the top ones are at end of their career. [The league] probably can attract some players a little bit earlier, probably 29, 30 years old. I think it is coming. The quality of the game is good. They have a positive approach to the game, they want to win, want to play well, want to express good qualities.

“Step by step it is coming, and one day I want to give a little bit of a help. I would like. Yes.”

This is not the first time Jose has mentioned his attraction to the States, so maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe, unlike all of those Euro stars who get asked about MLS for no particular reason because Americans have a massive inferiority complex, Jose is serious about winding up here one day.

Wouldn’t be lovely if the job he took was the USMNT job? Imagine that!

Oh wait, don’t.

“No, the Portuguese people would be very sad because they are waiting for me for a long time, but one day I want to come.”

So that leaves…MLS? It’s difficult to imagine The Special One on the sidelines coaching an MLS team, even one of the “big” clubs like the Galaxy or Red Bulls. If you hire Jose Mourinho, and he doesn’t win, can you actually fire him? Foreign coaches typically struggle with the intricacies of the MLS system, so it’s not out of the question that Jose would have trouble. It would take some serious cahones on the part of a MLS ownership to let go one of the greatest managers in the world.

We can’t let ourselves consider this possibility, we just can’t. It’s too much. Jose, looking dapper, strolling up around the coach’s box at game in…Columbus. Woof.

As for a timeline, one we shouldn’t be thinking about because Jose is probably not coming stop teasing me, Jose’s not sure.

“Let me enjoy … At this moment my children are 14, 16 and 17, a few years below university. In maybe three or four years they might come here, but for me maybe, maybe it’s too early. I need to enjoy the big competitions in Europe. But one day I want to come.”

“One day.’ Everyone wants to come “one day.” I’m seriously considering starting a website that catalogs all of the European names that say they’d like to come to MLS “one day.”

Source: NYT Goal Blog

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