Muammar Gaddafi Was Either An Everton Or Liverpool Fan

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Since having his mortal coil helpfully shuffled for him by the rebels that overthrew his decades-long rule of Lybia, stories and rumors have swirled around Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. The most intriguing for us at KCKRS? What club he supported, naturally.

The Daily Mirror reported back in February that the former dictator was a toffee, claiming his fandom stretched back to the late 70s.

Everton’s win against Sunderland will have provided some temporary relief for one of their biggest fans. That’s none other than umbrella-wielding mentalist Colonel Gaddafi, who has been following the team since the late 1970s.

Gaddafi’s love of the Toffees is said to have begun when Everton visited Libya on tour in 1979. The dictator was so impressed he immediately changed the Libyan national side’s kit to all-blue, and rewarded each of Gordon Lee’s side with a luxury Arabic carpet.

That would have seemed to settle the matter, except for the fact that when one of Gaddafi’s final hiding places was taken, a Liverpool mug, reported to be his by the Daily Mail, was discovered among various personal items.

Surely no true bluenose, especially one as autocratic as Gaddafi, would allow a kopite mug in his presence? Did the Libyan strong man have a weak spot for Kenny Dalglish? The only person who knows for sure isn’t telling. Because he’s dead.

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