Napoli’s Solution For Injuries: No Sex

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Football teams have often been weird about sex. As we noted earlier today, it’s something footballers tend to do pretty often, sometimes to the embarrassment of clubs. Others see sex as a physical activity sapping players’ energy and stamina. But few take the steps Italian side Napoli have in banning its players from having sex two days before a game to cut down on injuries.

Speaking to newspaper Corriere del Mezzogiorno, Napoli team doctor Alfonso De Nicola asserted:

Avoiding sexual activity for two days before a game is fundamental to prevent muscular strains, contractions or inflammations.

It is the rule for our squad. There is also a specific work done by my staff and the fitness coaches which is aimed more at prevention than cure.

The alarm bells for an injury can go off at any time and a signal has to be immediate, just as the consultation is very quickly organised.

The players must be praised for the professional approach they take in their private lives too. They must always continue certain exercises at home that are taught in the training camp.

For example, an alteration in posture can create an anomaly in their movements. There are simple rules to follow even when they are not training.

If a player has a muscle that tends to contract, he must perform movements that tend to stretch it at any time of the day.

Yes, because telling a bunch of rich, famous, and in-shape Italian men not to have sex sounds like it would totally work.

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