NBA’s Nets and Hawks Go To London, Do The Soccer Thing

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The Brooklyn Nets and Atlanta Hawks are in London to play a game because hooray American cultural exportation (it is our greatest natural resource, after all), and this means photos of really tall NBA types with much smaller football types. In some cases, it’s not the awkward situation you might assume–some of the NBAers really do love them some footy. In other cases, it’s exactly as awkward as you imagine and we should all feel bad for everyone involved. TO THE VISUAL EVIDENCE!

First, video of Chelsea fan Kevin Garnett (seriously, he’s a longtime Blues supporter) getting the full welcome at Stamford Bridge yesterday. KG gets a jersey and heads out to the pitch with Schurrle and Ba.

Here’s a photo of the trio.

KG took the opportunity to snap a selfie in The Special One’s seat.

Garnett’s Nets teammates were there, too, but they probably didn’t appreciate it nearly as much as KG.

Of course, when these opportunities present themselves, it demands that the Euro footballers try their hand at the American sport. Basketball is a worldwide thing, so maybe these guys are good.

How’s Demba’s form on his jumper?

Andre’s layup?


Anyway, the Hawks met up with Chelsea, too, but those photos are boring and/or don’t have KG so we’re moving on.

Here’s Nets head coach Jason Kidd (a favorite of KCKRS Editor-in-chief Chris Toy) hanging out with Arsenal striker Lukas Podolski. Did we mention that Chris is Spurs fan and this is probably driving him nuts? It’s the best.


A couple of ex-Hawks, Dikembe Mutombo and Steve Smith, attended a Fulham game. Here they are making Darren Bent look really short.

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