Neil Warnock Hates Your Shiny New Carpet Slipper-Like Boots

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

One of the more common soccer injuries these days is the broken metatarsal, one of those tiny bones in your foot. Footballers get stepped on a lot and as athletes get bigger and stronger, they can put a lot of force on one tiny bone. It seems as though boots are going the opposite way as they get lighter, brighter, and smaller.

Queens Park Rangers boss Neil Warnock doesn’t appreciate that fact much, especially after losing forward DJ Campbell for eight weeks thanks to a broken metatarsal. When asked about the situation in mid-October, Warnock said:

“I think it is these stupid boots, they’re like carpet slippers. Don’t talk to me about these boots. You can’t ban people if they prefer it, but I think they are absolutely stupid boots to wear at the level we’re talking about. They give you no support at all, but that’s football.”

Maybe Warnock can force all of his players to start wearing the Adidas boots from the 1920′s.

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