New Study Says Footballers Are Highly Intelligent. Yes, Seriously

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

While the joke has often been made that footballers aren’t quite up to scratch in the mental department, a new study claims to prove that top footballers are actually smarter than the general population.

Researchers at Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute have claimed that top footballers score well on intelligence tests designed to determine creativity, cognitive flexibility, working memory and processing speed, and that the smartest players in those categories tend to score more goals.

One of the scientists claimed that the perception of footballers as slow-witted comes from the shortening of their formal education, not any actual lack of intelligence.

They are not stupid. They are very clever. But they start to play soccer when young. They don’t have time for education. That’s why they sometimes appear stupid.

They have to know where their team-mate is, where the opposing player is and what he did the last time they met, and they have to do all that quickly

You hear that, kids? Wayne Rooney is actually smarter than you are, so shut up with the jokes.

Full Story: The Telegraph

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