Neymar Sex Tape Is Actually Computer Virus

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

There’s an email that’s been circulating recently. Brazilian star Neymar has done a sex tape, and if you just click on the link, you can see it. You perverted freak.

Well it’s not a link to the Neymar sex tape. It doesn’t tell you where to find the Neymar sex tape. Stop asking about the Neymar sex tape. There is no Neymar sex tape. There was never a Neymar sex tape.

It’s actually a computer virus, and if you open it, it will steal your personal information and bank passwords and take all of your money and you’ll end up like an MLS devlopmental player, sleeping on someone’s couch and eating ramen noodles to survive.

That one about Ronaldo, however? Totally legit.

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