Non-League Club Sports Fake Beards Nearly Everywhere For Sponsorship Reasons

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Northern Premier Leaugue side Kendal Town will look like a collections of cut-rate Harvey Firesteins after signing a sponsorship deal with a company that makes fake beards. No, they won’t play in them, but they will wear them everywhere else.

Former Hull City, Blackpool, Peterborough United and Rotherham United defender Marc Joseph, now captain of the Cumbrian club, said: “Obviously we can’t play in them but we can travel, train and warm-up wearing them.

The beard Kendal Town is sporting in these photos is Rosetta Brands’ patented “Beard Beanie”, which is obviously a beard and a beanie in one convenient package. For the low, low price of £29.99, you too can look like those guys that follow Phish around selling lukewarm cheese quesadillas out of the back of their cars.

When you buy your Beard Beanie, be sure to tell them it’s all thanks to their sponsorship of Kendal Town FC.

Non-league football is great.


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