Non-Transfer Story Involving Pre-Teen Somehow Worth Journalist Time

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

NEWSFLASH: 12-year old Swindon Town trainee Jordan Young turns down move to Chelsea.

Jeremy Newton, director of Swindon’s Centre of Excellence, told the club’s official website: ”We are delighted with the way Jordan is progressing, like so many of our other players within the Centre of Excellence and the STFC Youth Department.

”A lot of hard work goes on, not just at our club, but in the majority of Football League clubs as we coach and develop youngsters at all ages.

”So to have interest shown in this emerging talent by Premier league clubs and for them to continue monitoring players is testament to the good work that is going on.

”Jordan remains contracted to the club until 2015 and he is one of a number of players who we have high hopes for and have secured for the future.”

Young has thumbed his nose at the Blues, potentially ending his young career before it really starts because Chelsea is a big club and Swindon Town is not so it only follows that Young is doing the wrong thing by staying with his local club and not going to the big uber-rich team over in London even though he is only twelve years old and his decision has made one of the biggest football news sites in the world.

Apologies, but there is no time for neither periods nor full stops in this breaking news story.

That’s the latest in the most important transfer developments of the day. More updates on preteen players switching, or not switching, their academy affiliations as events warrant, but probably not here because we have made our point. For all your breaking academy player transfer news, visit Soccernet, where they seem to keep with these things. Oh, and the Guardian, too.

Best of luck to Jordan Young in his football career. We hope to hear about him when he’s actually a full professional player and not a talented kid being pulled in eight different directions before he’s old enough to shave.

Syndicated news, everybody.

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