Now Queen Of Montana, Abby Wambach Has A Beer Named After Her

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

USWNT striker Abby Wambach has been in Montana for the past week or so, promoting the game, holding clinics, and flying mother-loving fighter jets like the badass she totally is. Now there’s a beer named after her, and we’re beginning to wonder if the people of Montana intend to ever give her back.

Since arriving in the Treasure State, Abby has been treated like the national treasure she is, making the news for her involvement with soccer clinics and her trip into the clouds with the Air National Guard.


Big Sky Country has taken to Abby in a major way, and now they’ve even named a beer after her.

Bowser Brewing Company in Great Falls has created what they call “Abby’s Urbach,” because as the brewer says, “it looks harmless and is smooth, but it has quite a kick with 7 percent alcohol content.”

Montana loves Abby, probably because she’s the single most famous person to visit the state in the last half-century.

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