NSC Minnesota Plays for Love of The Game

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The Guardian’s “Secret Footballer” airs the dirty laundry and opulent excess of the Premiership lifestyle. Multi-millionaire footballing demigods have their own brand managers and shoe deals that dwarf the budget of small countries. Even on our own shores, many MLS players make well beyond that of the average Joe Sixpack.

It’s easy to forget the little guys, sometimes. Guys like those who play for the second division NASL’s NSC Minnesota Stars.

NSC Minnesota have released the first part of their youtube documentary “Shine On,” a story about life in the lower leagues and playing for little more than love of the game.

The interviews with the players really give you an idea of the commitment these guys have. Guys like Kevin Altman, the New Mexico born and raised team captain who placed aside a his education from a prestigious private college and a place in med school to move to the frozen tundra of the North Star State for a friend’s couch and a chance at pursuing his dream. Having made the team, he shares a 2-bedroom apartment with two other players and delays his future career so he can play second-division professional soccer.

Shine On Episode 1

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