“O Campo” is A Simply Amazing Book of Football Fields in Brazil

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Once the most uber-skilled of the uber-skilled in Brazil make it to a level where they have the honor to represent the storied canary yellow of the national team, they happen to find themselves all of a sudden playing on some of the world’s most finely manicured football fields. But they certainly didn’t always start like that.

Their impossible skill was more times than not refined on unkempt city surfaces that were brutally unforgiving to even the slightest of mis-touches. With the way football is engrained into the DNA of Brazilian culture, any open space can quickly morph into the best pick-up game you’d ever see. Photographer Joachim Schmid captures these “fields” in stunning fashion with his book O Campo.

“O Campo”, or in its translation “The Field”, is a photographic compilation of football fields in Brazilian cities. The images were taken via satellite and they show the rather oddly shaped football pitches that seem to be built wherever possible – the desire for playing the game has clearly surpassed and ignored the limitations of natural topography and FIFA’s laws of the game. According to the official rules and regulations (which are included in the book as an epilogue) you would not be allowed to play football on any of these fields. However, the careers of some of the world’s best football players began on these very same fields despite their askew angles, odd proportions, mis-shapen border lines and pitch markings. Studying the architectual contexts of these fields we also get an idea about the social context where these players come from

Take a look at some of his work.

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