Opening Ceremony and The Muppets Are Here When You’re Tired Of Dressing Like An Old Man

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Much of the fashion posted on KCKRS has been more so on the “contemporary menswear” tip. In the eyes of some, when worn excessively it can be perceived as boring. Not this fashion, featuring the Muppets.

We all grew up loving a game so I’d like to think we all have a fun side to our personalities and the fashion approach of a KCKRS reader should hopefully reflect that. New York’s well-defined retailer and brand Opening Ceremony has often found a way to merge pop culture with fashion.

Whether it’s huge franchises like TRON or small independent labels, the brand has been game to take on many projects with their own twist. The impending release of The Muppets movie in November has seen an initial rush of publicity thanks to this project. Why not take the time to pay homage to the cast of Kermit and co. via some (rather expensive) crewnecks, shirts and T-shirts? Available now at Opening Ceremony.

Source: Hypebeast

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