Organizers Hope Beckham’s Presence In Jakarta Will Boost (Poor) Ticket Sales

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Yes, the Galaxy are leveraging the earning power of David Beckham with a postseason Asian tour as they deal with the possibility of losing him, but that doesn’t meant Davey is single-handedly filling stadiums on the other side of the Pacific. Ticket sales for the Galaxy’s match with the Indonesia National Team haven’t been brisk, with just 15,000 sold prior to LA’s arrival in Jakarta. Organizers are hoping Beckham’s actual presence in Jakarta moves some of the more than 60,000 tickets that remain.

So is Beckham losing his drawing power? Has his international profile dwindled so low? Maybe, maybe not.

“I think it’s because Indonesians are not used to buying tickets online or pre-ordering before the match day,” Mahaka Sports president director Hasani Abdulgani said. “After media reported that the team had arrived, we received lots of calls asking where to buy tickets.”

So Indonesians are a skeptical lot, which also makes them pragmatic. Nothing wrong with that. Even now, tickets could be flying out the the door as the 144th ranked national side gets ready to face off against David, Landon, Robbie and the crew.

Organizers say they’ll break even at 40,000, so it’s not as though a sell out is needed to make the venture profitable from the local side. From the Galaxy end, the trip is a success no matter how many fans show up on this stop, or any other (visits to the Philippines and Australia remain on the itinerary). Reports out of Indonesia say the MLS champs are getting $2 million for their appearance.

Source: Jakarta Globe

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