“Our Game” Helps Out Non-League Footballers When They Need It

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

While the professionals in the Premiership may get the glory and the lion’s share of the money, the vast majority of English soccer players get nowhere close to the glitz and riches of the top division, or even the relative security of the lower professional ranks. They toil in “non-league,” that vast catch-all term encompassing everything below the top four divisions.

A social network called Our Game now seeks to help these non-league players when they most need it. When a top player gets injured, his club has the financial strength and medical infrastructure to get him the best care possible. When you average Joe does gets hurt in a Sunday league match, it can cost him his livelihood.

For the starting price of just £1 per day, Our Game will give non-leaguers access to discounted professional medical and health services, legal aid, access to experts who can offer advice and help if they need it, and most crucially, an insurance policy.

This policy will provide among other things: £150 per night you spend in hospital; £300 for abroken finger or toe; £750 for a broken arm; £1,500 for a broken leg; £1,500 for dental treatment; £2,000 for private physiotherapy; £1,000 for scans and x-rays; and a weekly cash payment when injured, for “loss of time” that is dependent on the level of football you play.

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