Outlier Bringing A Series Sense of Tailored Performance With the Liberated Wool Peacoat

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

I’ve had a personal affinity for New York’s Outlier for some time. The brand has effectively changed the idea of understated performance with fashion on a relatively affordable level. Embodying a “made in the US” (and many times directly in New York City) philosophy, it’s never immediately evident, but often technical materials are the marquee aspect of each and every Outlier piece.

A recent release features the Liberated Wool Peacoat. A 2.5 layer wool softshell fabric (think GORE-TEX steez) out of Switzerland ensures a windproof and water-resistant experience. Given the fact traditional wool jackets probably won’t have anywhere near the same level of water shedding capabilities, you can maintain the aesthetics of a classic peacoat knowing you won’t be soaked if you encounter any moisture. Head over to Outlier to pick yours up for $650 USD.

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