Owen Coyle Wears Shorts In The Winter

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Some football managers wear suits. Some football managers go for a “dressy casual” look. Some football managers wear tracksuits. Owen Coyle is not “some football managers.” Owen Coyle wears shorts and soccer socks. In the winter.

Coyle, one of seven Glaswegians managing Premiership clubs at the moment, refuses to wear long pants, even when it’s really cold out. Whether this is some sort of show of solidarity with the players, or his inherent Scottish thriftiness refusing to spend money when he has a perfectly good pair of shorts, we may never know.

Here he is on December 3, against Tottenham:

And on December 20th, against Blackburn (note Steve Kean in a suit and long jacket):

And just yesterday, against Everton (note again, David Moyes in tracksuit pants and winter jacket):

Our theory? Given Bolton’s league position, Coyle is ready to come on himself and show them how it’s done.

Photos via Reuters

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