Palace Skateboards Relive Italia 90 for New Umbro Collection

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

For a brand with only two years under their belt, Palace Skateboards has already risen as a top European skate brand. Their no BS approach that stresses a simpler time in skating has been universally respected. Sharing a love for fellow British brand Umbro, we get a further look into Palace’s six piece capsule with Umbro which saw an earlier preview.

The retro-rooted collection also goes a step further by putting together a veritable time warp back to the pub and Italia 90 which saw England crash out in the semi’s against Germany – which provided one of England’s most powerful sights, a sobbing Gazza following his red card dismissal. Below are two questions involving Palace’s Lev Tanju by Dazed Digital as the collection is available now at Slam City Skates, Hideout, Present and other UK skate stores.

DD: What’s your favourite bit of gear in the collection?
Lev Tanju: I love the Trill Tops; I think they work good for just throwing on and going skating, but they’re smart too. But for me the Italia ’90 England football shirts we’ve done are the killer pieces. It’s just completely mental that Umbro let us rework a properly iconic bit of English football history, and put a big Palace triangle on the front of it. I don’t think anybody’s really been allowed to mess about with something like that before.

DD: What’s with the boozy Italia 90 pub scene reenactment video?
Lev Tanju: I had the idea for the video from the start. I just wanted a funny little launch clip to tie in with the release of the line. As a skate company if we ever have any money, it generally goes on a skate trip or paying our pro riders or funding our extensive research into hoverboards. The great thing about working with sportswear companies is that you can talk them into renting out a pub for the day and paying for all your friends to come down and have a proper knees-up. It was a great day, having to wake up and go straight to the pub and it be work. We just knocked about all day drinking and playing darts, then Joy and Bankhead came down and we had a rave.

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