Panasonic Uses Gamba Osaka Fans To Set a World Record For Shaving

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Among the cheesier PR stunt options available to companies desperate to get their product some attention is the “Guinness Book of World Records” stunt. Usually, this involves getting a lot of people together to do something no right-thinking individual would think was worth doing, and all at the same time. Things like “most people simultaneously singing the Chili’s ‘babyback ribs’ song while dressed as characters from Grease.’ Today’s example involves J-League side Gamba Osaka and Panasonic’s newest electric razor, but, sadly, no musical numbers.

From Panasonic’s press release about the record breaking event:

This event aimed to offer more people the opportunity to experience the very close, smooth shave of the 5 Blade Wet and Dry Shaver “LAMDASH.” The event involved 1,981 participants in 18 venues in 9 cities, such as the main venue, Expo 70’s Commemorative Stadium, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Taipei. The results drastically exceeded the previous record of 1,379 (September 26, 2009). In this challenge, Panasonic and GAMBA Osaka set a new Guinness World Record™, the “Most People Shaving with an Electric Shaver at multiple venues” and at the same time broke the current record, the “Most People Shaving with an Electric Shaver at one venue.”

Just in case you’re trying to do the math and don’t have a calculator handy, 1,981 people spread out over 18 venues works out to just over 104 people per venue.

There is the slightly more impressive record for “most people shaving with an electric shaver at one venue”, if such a thing is even capable of having any impressive qualities whatsoever. But since Panasonic doesn’t pass along just how many people that record involved (though I’m fairly certain Expo ’70 Commemorative Stadium, Gamba Osaka’s home ground, was the venue, hence the photos), it’s difficult to know whether to be impressed or not. Great, I’m conflicted now. Thanks a lot, Panasonic and Gamba Osaka.

Here are more photos of people in Gamba Osaka shirts celebrating this momentous achievement that Panasonic will definitely conspire to eclipse the next time they have a new line of electric shavers coming onto the market.

The good old Guinness Book of World Records PR stunt. Made possible by the people at Guinness have terrible standards for what constitutes a worthwhile world record.

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