Paolo Di Canio Is Not God, Says Paolo Di Canio (But he is one of the best managers)

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Swindon Town manager Paolo Di Canio, a man who once thanked The FA for banning him, is afraid that he may not be able to lead his side to a second consecutive promotion, because while he is one of the best managers in the world, he is not God. This news is surprising because “I am God” is exactly the kind of thing Paolo Di Canio would say, unironically.

Specifically, Paolo was referring to a player shortage at Swindon Town. The club is under a transfer embargo for spending more than 65% of turnover (yes, League One already has FFP-like rules in place), so Di Canio will need players to come in through emergency loans if there’s going to be another promotion party. Not that Paolo was being humble about his ability to raise his players’ level.

“I am sure that the manager counts a lot.

“I can improve my players maybe 25%, but I am not God. I am one of the best managers, but I am not God.”

25% seems like a fairly large improvement. Almost god-like even. Most coaches would be ecstatic to get an additional 10% out of the players they already have in their team. Doing so would save an awful lot on transfer fees.

Paolo’s not God. He is, however, “one of the best managers.” He didn’t say “in League One”, or even “in the Football League.” He said “one of the best managers”, full stop.

So at least Di Canio doesn’t suffer from delusions of grandeur….


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